NPM Packager Service

Create a consumable script from any combination of dependencies


What is this?

This is a package bundler, it builds a UMD build of a combination of packages which you can use as DLL plugin or as a way to include NPM dependencies in an online editor. It consists of two parts: a dll service and the packagers. The dll service acts as a load balancer that routes the requests to the appropriate packagers. It's used by WebpackBin and CodeSandbox.

Can I use it?

Yes you can! We encourage you to add a packager (check Can I help?) when you make extensive use of it.

You can get a bundle by requesting:


To request a manifest you can replace the dll.js to manifest.json.

Can I help?

Yes! You can also help by hosting your own packager service. This is a fairly straightforward process and helps the service scale. Follow the instructions here and send a message to Christian or Ives to add your packager to the DLL service!

If you want to improve the speed or compatibility with dependencies you can help by contributing to the source on GitHub: Packager, DLL service.